Is Business Coaching a Good Option for You? Here's How to Tell.

So you started a business.

Now what?

You have your Lady Boss t-shirts and mugs. You’ve had the launch party. You have a dope logo and shiny new business cards.

But now the initial excitement has worn off and the reality has set in. You’ve posted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and anything else you can think of but the sales are not coming in like you thought. People who you thought would do business with you are quiet.

So you take to the “inter-webs”. You watch all the videos and sign up for all the webinars. You download all the podcasts and join all the entrepreneur Facebook groups.

You’re gathering bits and pieces of information from here and there but it’s not all fitting together.

Now you’re having doubts. “Maybe this is not the right business for me” or “Maybe I made a mistake”.

Maybe I should start another business to add some extra income.

So you start the process again but find yourself back to the same place. To make matters worse, your full-time job is becoming more and more unbearable.

Well sister, you need a business coach. Not a marketing coach, not a brand coach, but a business coach. You need someone to help you take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

A business coach, especially one who works with entrepreneurs in the startup phase, can help you ensure that the foundation of you business is structurally sound.

A business coach can help you cut through all the noise, and chatter to help you gain clarity. If there are cracks in your business foundation, a business coach knows how to repair them.

Getting help from a business coach is like going to the doctor. When you get sick, your primary care doctor can help diagnose your condition and refer you to a specialist if needed. Same with a business coach. A good business coach will direct you to a branding coach or marketing coach or even a mindset coach if what you need is outside of their wheelhouse.

A business coach is your guide. You inside connect. Your right hand. Your ace in the hole.

Your coach can help you save time and money! A coach offers a short cut to point B. We help put the pieces together and connect the dots.

What a coach is not, is a miracle worker. You have to do the hard work of building the business. A coach can not make the baskets for you.

I see some entrepreneurs who hop from coach to coach looking for a magic pill that doesn’t exist. You have to do the work!

As Maya Angelou stated, “Nothing will work unless you do.”

As a business who has a teaching background, my goal is to help my clients take manageable steps to reach their goals.

I am also an advocate for my clients. This is one of my commitments to myself and my core values as a business coach. I love to connect my clients with opportunities that may be a good fit for them and their businesses.

I started Bossingly because I saw a need. Black women entrepreneurs earn a significant amount less than their counterparts. The numbers will blow your mind! I will get into that more next time.

If you are tired of going in circles, I would love to chat with you. Schedule a call here. These are no obligation calls. There’s no charge. This is an opportunity for you to gauge if business coaching is right for you.

Get on my calendar and let’s chat.

You can do this AND win at it!