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Make That Money. Don’t Let That Money Make You.

Bossingly Business Coaching

"Make that money. Don’t let that money make you."

This infamous line from cult favorite Players Club is often used as friendly encouraging banter between girlfriends when one is making money moves.

However, let’s unpack what it means to “let that money make you.”

Growing up we all lived in a house where there was a spoken or unspoken feeling tied to money. I lived in two households. One had this feast or famine cycle revolving around money. I remember there were times when money was plentiful, and the mood of the house would be festive. Takeout meals, trips to visit relatives and shopping trips were signs that a nice piece of change had come in. My mom and stepdad would have a bit more pep in their step and a little more joy in their voices.

Bossingly Business Coaching

Then the famine would hit. My stepfather worked in construction and when the weather didn’t cooperate money was tight. We were lucky in the fact that we always had the basic necessities. Eating was never a problem but during the famine I could feel the difference. Shopping trips didn’t happen; we ate at home more and we stayed home more. The famines didn’t last long but they were noticeable. Everything was underscored by this instant gratification mentality. Enjoy it while it last thinking. Nothing was saved during the feast times to help during the famine times.

I carried this cycle into my adulthood. I was really careless with my credit and lived for the moment. I used money as a tool to purchase frivolous items to make me feel good so I didn't have to face whatever insecurities I was experiencing. This was my normal until I decided to start a business.

I started looking at money differently. I wanted to invest in my business rather than spend money on things that didn’t matter. I figured out that the more money I put into my business, the more I got out of it. Saving for bigger investments also became important. I started saving using a tool called Digit. It helped me get in the habit of saving and to see that there is room in my budget for saving.

I also wanted to change my relationship with money. I wanted to develop more positive feelings about money to assist in staying off the feast or famine train. To do this, I started saying affirmations daily. I started with simple things like “I am money magnet” and “Money comes to me daily”.

Bossingly Business Coaching

During my studies I can across an exercise that’s designed to help foster a sense of prosperity. The trick is to stash small amounts of cash in different places around your home. This creates a feeling of abundance because there’s literally money all around you. Listen to me when I say that it works!

These are just a few tips that have helped me overcome some of my money issues. Maybe you have some deeper issues that require more help. Please don’t be ashamed to seek out the help you need.

Please join us in the Bossingly Business Coaching Facebook group on Sunday between the 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm hour as we discuss overcoming money blocks. If you decide to check out Digit, use this link or the one above and we both get a couple dollars!

Until then... Make that money; don’t let that money make you!


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