Three Webinar Mistakes I Made. You Will Not Believe the Third One!

Hey Bossingly Bunch!

Let me tell you what I learned from hosting my first paid webinar! You may already know that I hosted a webinar to educate business owners and aspiring business owners on the ends and outs of starting a candle business.

It was great! Bossingly even!

I am not just saying this because I hosted it either. I received excellent feedback from the attendees.


But I did learn a thing or THREE!

First, make sure you have the correct PowerPoint qued. Yes, yes, yes. Somehow, there were two versions of the presentation open on my desktop and I selected the wrong one. I realized this while reading the agenda. I could have just suffered through and pretended that nothing was missing. However, that's not fair for the people who trusted me with their time and resources. So I apologized, got the correct presentation going and continued on delivering great content to the attendees.

Secondly, check, check and recheck the presentation! So not only did I have to switch out the presentations, I noticed that a slide was missing from the second one. Gasp! Instead of freaking out, I acknowledged the error and worked in the information that was missing.

Lastly, make sure there are no updates scheduled on your computer. Just when I thought nothing else could go wrong, my screen went black and my computer started the restart process. It is laughable now. But at the time I could not understand why the technology gods were pissed at me! Luckily we were at the point where we were closing out the Q&A. I quickly restarted the computer, jumped back in and finished up.

Why am I sharing these snafus with you?

I want you to understand that we are human and we make mistakes. Clients don't expect you to be perfect but they do expect you to be honest and authentic. Be brave enough to admit when you have made a mistake, correct it, and move on. Don't allow perfectionism to paralyze you. Learn, grow, and keep it moving. Someone needs what you have to offer!

Do It Bossingly!