What does showing up look like? THIS!

I had been one busy Lady Boss! Between networking, client work on both businesses, family obligations and planning the Living My Best Life Vision Board Workshop (which I had to cancel because of family obligations) I had been exhausted! 

It comes with the territory.

Being an entrepreneur is super exciting. I get to serve wonderful clients, meet interesting people, make lasting connections and do the things that fulfill my spirit.

But sometimes I get tired. Sometimes I have to rest and that's ok. However, sometimes I have to push through. For me, this was one of those days. I had no makeup on, my outfit

left a lot to be desired and my hair was just so so. I was double booked and the original plan was to spend a bit of time at each event. When the day came, I knew I only had enough juice to attend one. 

I chose the one with the amazing view of course!

With the cocktails flowing, views of the city all around me, people chatting, I showed up for my business. I mingled and networked and connected with people who I may never see again. On the other hand, I could have made a connection that will change my life. You just never know. That's why I show up!

My bed was waiting for me when I got home and I was proud that I didn't take the easy route. No one would have thought less of me but being a Lady Boss means sacrificing and Doing It Bossingly!

I would love to hear about a time you showed up for your business when it would have been easier to just bow out.